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Basic Training Subject in General


  • Safely use arc welding equipment
  • Produce finished welded joints to an acceptable standard
  • Learn and practice welding in a safe working environment
  • Select correct welding equipment settings
  • Recognize and select correct welding consumables
  • Recognize weld associated faults and make suitable corrections where applicable

On The Job Training

  • We provide on the job training to sharpen their skill by the attending OJT.
  • We expect the trainee able to know about real situation and the field and learn to adapt with the real job.

Practical Work

  • Safe setting up of arc welding machine including electrical settings and polarity
  • Striking of arc and deposition of weld material in FLAT, HORIZONTAL, VERTICAL, and OVERHEAD position.
  • Making simple joints in these positions as appropriate
  • “T” Fillet, Open Vee Butt, Close Square Butt, Lap weld
  • With and without edge preparations as appropriate
  • Using RUTILE, IRON POWDER and LOW HYDROGEN electrodes
  • Recognizing Simple weld faults
  • Simple Testing completed weld joints

 Theoretical Work

  • Basic safety during welding
  • Basic rule attitude for welder
  • 5S
  • Instruction in the safe and correct use of the equipment
  • Identifying and selecting the correct type of welding rods for the process
  • Understanding the requirements of current setting, rate of travel and arc length
  • Understanding welding position
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